Celtic Folk Soul: Art, Myth and Symbol, by Jen Delyth

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At first glance, Celtic Folk Soul: Art, Myth and Symbol is a gorgeous coffee table book that showcases Welsh artist Jen Delyth’s contemporary Celtic artwork. Yet the book offers much more. Her text draws from her extensive knowledge of Celtic mysticism, not only from where and how it developed in history, but how by its very nature it continues to transcend time as it is expressed through the arts. Interspersed are many delightful treats: stories from Celtic myth, selections from ancient poets such as Taliesin, Amergin and Aneirin as well as modern poets like Fiona MacLeod, plus tidbits of folklore handed down generation to generation by the people of the Celtic nations.

In Celtic Folk Soul: Art, Myth and Symbol Jen Delyth beautifully illustrates the intertwining relationship that Celtic cultural heritage—past and present—has with nature. Absolutely stunning with shimmering colors and intricate rhythms, if art could sing and dance, it certainly does here. In addition, the artist opens the door to learn, explore and intuit one’s own sense of time, space, spirit, and creativity through the synchronicity of Celtic art, stories and poems. Anyone who needs a lift from the mundane has only to open the pages to be carried away to a fascinating otherworldliness.

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